Sustainable Design - using off-site modular construction methods

Sustainable DesignUsing off-site modular construction methods

design - timber construction

Timber construction

  • Timber is the most environmentally friendly building material because it's a naturally renewal resource that's non-toxic.
  • Europe is committed to planting more trees than we use - each year a softwood forest the size of Cyprus is replanted.
  • With a surge in building and a current shortage of traditional building materials - timber is a carbon neutral and easily accessible option (steel and concrete construction methods use five times more energy to produce than timber).
  • As a waste efficient process the excess logs are all used to create chipboard, paper, and energy etc. At the end of its lifespan the timber is biodegradable and can be recycled, so there really is no more environmentally friendly way to build!

We pay attention to detail to create sustainable products throughout the process. From the selection of sustainable materials products, the design stage and on-site craftsmanship leading to a high quality finish.

design - SIP panel construction

SIP panel construction / Off-site construction

  • Structured Integrated Panels (SIP) system uses an engineered timber stud system. These pre-fabricated panels are constructed by an expert team off-site, to reduce build times and costs.
  • Our skilled workers assemble large parts of the structure in the factory before it reaches the site. Manufactured to the highest specification using the latest technology in precision methods, we enhance air tightness and waste efficient technology.
  • Build times are roughly a third of traditional build times.
  • SIP panels reduce long term energy costs by achieving superb insulation levels and 'U' values.
design - A rated EPCs

A-rated Energy Performance Certificates

  • Superb insulation: the eco-classroom's construction achieves a track record of A-rated Energy Performance Certificates. Our thermal performance and elemental 'U' values are some three times the standard that legislation currently requires:
    - Suspended ground floor: 0.088 WM2K (Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K)
    - External walls: 0.114 W/M2K(Building Regulations require 0.35 WM2K)
    - Flat roof with insulation: 0.088 WM2K (Building Regulations require 0.25 WM2K)
    - Aluminium doors / windows: 1.800 W/M2K
  • Our timber frames are constructed here in the South East, so we reduce the CO2 emissions emitted by frames sourced and transported from Europe and further afield.
design - 99% recyclable

99% recyclable

  • All our products are 99% recyclable, being built from FSC (European Forest Stewardship Council) sourced timber, to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • The insulation can eventually be recycled again or disposed of safely, without creating toxic waste or biodegradability problems because it doesn’t contain artificial colours or added formaldehyde.
  • The insulation secures environmental credentials above a class of products already rated A+ in the BRE Green Guide, so it's ideal for environmentally responsible and 'formaldehyde-free' specifications.

"We were blown away by the product and potential eco-healthrooms offers. Mark and the team are true innovators in design by offering quality sustainable buildings and high levels of individualised customer care..."

Kevin Horne, CEO, NWES

Outstanding design