About Us - what we do and how we do it

About UsWhat we do and how we do it

eco-healthrooms™ was formed in 2010 in response to on-going issues we saw as the healthcare sector had more trouble sourcing, planning and installing new building facilities quickly and with minimal disruption, to meet the ever changing needs of the NHS Estate Management.

Our Company Directors are qualified in Architecture, Quantity Surveying & Construction Management. We provide a complete solution that can co-ordinate all aspects of the project from planning and building regulations applications to project management, energy performance certification and final handover.

The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy Update 2011 states all new NHS buildings need "to have a significantly lower carbon impact, not only in their construction but also in their lifetime use and in their decommissioning".

Our unique structures compliment the ever changing needs of the NHS. With the new NHS commissioning structure seeing the changeover from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to newly formed clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in April 2013 giving GP practises greater responsibility for their estate management; it's vital that the estates management with the NHS isn't the stumbling block in meeting the changing needs of patients and staff.

We are a valued supplier to the NHS across the East of England

eco-healthrooms™ supplied numerous quality healthcare buildings to the NHS across the East of England in recent years (including Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire), because we deliver flexible sustainable spaces, which are quick to build and affordable.

So we're well placed to provide GPs, Estate Managers and Practise Managers across the NHS with flexible practical sustainable permanent and temporary building solutions, to meet the needs of their local community. eco-healthrooms™ ensure your doctors surgery, medical centre or treatment and therapy rooms are a healthy and mood enhancing environment for patients and staff alike. Our medical centres and treatment rooms are light, whilst our air source heat pumps ensure good airflow which can reduce the risks of air-born infection four-fold to create a healthy environment.

A project completed for GYW Primary Care Trust, adapted the standard eco-healthroom to re-locatable units for two sites. Installed as a temporary treatment centre in just one day, whilst a permanent facility is constructed, they will be re-located in five years' time to meet the changing needs of the NHS.


Registered address:51 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 0ET
Company number:Registered in England & Wales number 7181578
VAT:VAT registration number 991 7105 04

"Constructed with SIP Panels, this building has an appropriate pavilion feel, and the simplicity of the design coupled with the quality of the construction elevates it well above the level of 'the ordinary'. The systemised timber exterior cladding has precision in its purpose and implementation. The craftsmanship of the external trades here is of the highest order...."

Craftsmanship Awards 2013, Norfolk Association of Architects

About Us